5 Misconceptions About (Our) Wedding Live Band & Emcee

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Misconception 1: A Live Band Vocalist Doubling Up As Emcee will be cheaper than the combined price of hiring a separate Emcee.

Music Box: Not entirely true! A Vocalist with Emcee Role is a much more complicated task.
He/She will need to juggle two roles and at the same time assured that they are handled equally well to assure no hiccups for both Entertainment & Leading the event well!
But of course, we will try to lower such package pricing the best we could to make it more value-added and cost savings for you.


Misconception 2: Hotel has sound system good enough for Live Band, so there’s no need to rent Music Box In-House Sound System.

Music Box: Not true. Think twice before their sound system ruined the Live Band and ruin the entertainment for your Guests!
Trust us. We are the experts and we know sound systems that are specialised for handling Live Band Sounds.
Learn more on the 5 Reasons For NOT Using Venue PA System for Your Wedding Live Band.


Misconception 3: A Pianist equals A Keyboardist and can play both instrumental solos for your reception and can accompany live band vocals.

Music Box: Not entirely true.
Usually, a Pianist is trained classically and can perform pure instrumental solos for your receptions. A Pianist read purely Music Score Sheets.
A Keyboardist, on the other hand, is trained in Pop and accompaniment for vocals in a Live Band setting. A Keyboardist read improvised Chordsheets.
However, of course there are exceptions of great musicians out there who are a Hybrid of both! They are trained in BOTH aspects and can handle instrumental AND accompaniment equally well!


Misconception 4: Wedding Couples need to set aside Banquet Tables for the Live Band & Emcee.

Music Box: NOT true. We are here to provide a service like your Photographer, Videographer, Banquet Manager etc. You don’t see them eating away happily at your Tables (which are expensive and for your distinguished guests!) while doing their jobs, do you?
We know that some nice Couples will love their vendors to eat and enjoy the banquet food too.
However, because our vocalist will want to make sure their vocals are top notch for your wedding, they will prefer to take light food like sandwiches, which they usually will take care of themselves, so not to worry for us :)


Misconception 5: A Wedding Live Band will be too noisy for a Wedding Banquet.

Music Box: False! Unless your Wedding Live Band is amateur-standard or their Sound Systems are not tuned properly, else in general, ANY Professional Wedding Live Band will do a good job in entertaining your Guests with Great Live Music!

Questions? Contact us to know more! :)