5 Reasons Why A Wedding Live Band can be as COSTLY as Your Bridal Package

1) Musicianship


All Musicians & Vocalists worthy of taking your stage are performing on Professional Levels and went through years of training, numerous experiences on stage and are constantly renewing their repertoire and skillsets to sing and play for you. They are no different from the Cameraman, Videographer, Banquet Manager, Makeup Artist, Gown Designer and even the Wedding Planner you hire, and has to be paid a reasonable amount too.


2) Sound System & Band Equipment Rental


As per what we mentioned in the last article blog post 5 Reasons For NOT Using Venue PA System for your Wedding Live Band, a Professional Live Band can never settle for sub-standard PA Systems & incomplete equipment belonging to Venue, because those are usually never meant to be used for Live Band purposes.

Equipment & Sound Systems for Live Band are sophisticated, specialised and expensive, and usually form up a significant portion of the price of Wedding Live Band Packages. If a Live Band has their own In-House Set to bundle into their package for you, trust them, for they want to bring out the BEST sound for you!


3) The Soundman On Standby


If your Live Band Vendor quote you a Wedding Live Band with NO Soundman on Standby throughout your Wedding, get mentally prepared for sub-standard sound, equipment hiccups or a very uncomfortable and insecure Live Band.

Why? Because a Soundman is the BACKBONE of a Live Band! He is there throughout the banquet performances to tune the sound in case its too soft (especially when guests chatting multiplies by 25 tables) or setting the EQ/ Volume of the Sound for soft and heavy songs. A Professional Soundman can be paid up to as much as $250 per job and thus forms a significant portion of your Wedding Live Band cost too.


4) Transport


Transport of Sound System & Band Equipment also forms a significant part of your package. We have to pay someone for the transport and moving of heavy load.


5) Admin


Admin costs means cost of the middle-person who coordinates the sales of service, checking and confirmation of availability of talents, song list, transport and also site visits and meeting with couples to ensure everything is in order. The Band usually concentrate on performing only so that they do not have to worry and be concern on non-performing matters. This will then bring out their best for your big day!



So, now you know that a Wedding Live Band is not just about taking a guitar, a mic, and just simply singing on stage. There are so many things going on behind the scene and so many important individuals coordinating to give you a professional and decent Live Band you and your guests can enjoy.


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