5 Reasons For NOT Using Venue PA System for Your Wedding Live Band


1) Usually, Venues (Hotels/ Restaurants) do not allow it.

2) Even if they allow, they are simply PA Systems (Stands for: Public Address Systems) which are good for only Speech & Background Music.
A Live Band needs a much more Powerful & Sophisticated Sound System to ensure that the quality of the Band’s performance is not compromised!
A Live Band needs Music Score Stands, Boomed Microphone Stands, DI Boxes, Monitor Speakers to hear themselves, Keyboard, Keyboard Stands, Guitar Stands, Vocal Standard Microphones (not KTV mics!) etc which Hotel or Restaurants do not have!

3) They do not have a trained Soundman who can properly Sound Test for the Live Band and monitor the sound throughout the banquet for you! Without a properly trained Soundman to handle your Live Band, your guests will be suffering throughout the banquet with badly handled sound.

4) Since Venue PA Systems are NOT meant to be used for Live Band, their specifications are under-par and if the Live Band’s instruments or mics overwhelmed Venue’s PA System and damage it, who will be responsible for it?

5) Your Live Band will not be able to perform and sing properly due to lack of equipment, bad sound and your whole live music ambience for your Banquet that you have been so looking forward to, will be ruined!


Yes, we understand that Wedding can be an expensive event and we know that many couples wish to get services & packages which are valued for money and to Save for more important aspects of the wedding.

Well, I can tell you that if you wish to engage a Good Wedding Live Band, it is a MUST to ensure that your Live Band gets a Good Set of Sound System suitable for Live Music & Singing!

That is why most Wedding Live Bands like us owns at least a set of In-House Sound Systems & Equipment to compliment all our Live Band packages.

Some Wedding Live Band Vendors do not care and simply make do with whatever sound systems (including venue’s) that the couple can source for them. They just sing with whatever quality and equipment they are provided on site, collect your money and go home.

But We CARE! We want to enjoy singing to your guests, we want to be a PART of your special day and ensure that your guests enjoy our music and be entertained!

Thus, Music Box provide In-House Sound System & Equipment Rental for all our Live Band Packages to ensure Great Quality Sound and Zero Hassle & Worry for you!

Questions? Contact us to know more! :)