7 Easy Steps To Book Our Live Band

1) Browse Our Website, especially Our Packages & Promotions:
– We highly recommend you to Check Out our Promotions as they are specially tailored according to Popular Demands of our past customers & inquiries and also their pricing attractive and the lowest you can get!


2) Contact Us using our Contact Form:
– Fill up as many information as you can of your Wedding (Especially your Names, Date, Time, Venue & Ballroom, Number of Tables, Promotional Package), so that we will know most importantly if we are available, and also it will be easier for us to give you a more accurate and suitable quotation.
– Ask any questions you will need in the Remarks field and we will be happy to answer them!


3) Upon receiving your Inquiry, we will reply you with our Detailed Quotation, Any Important T&Cs that you should know and also Availability of the Talents of the Package/Promo that you are interested in.
– Remember that Promotions are only for a Limited Period and Pricing are regularly revised. So to avoid disappointment of unavailability and pricing changes, do not take too long to reply if you are keen to sign up with us!
– We are fine with Last Minute Bookings (eg. Wedding is in 1week to 1month’s time), but if its of too short of notice, we seek your understanding that the band may have difficulty if they need to learn new songs, especially when they also need to practice together.


4) Once you are ready to book us, we will send you an Invoice for Confirmation by Email.
You will make a Deposit Payment by Bank Transfer to confirm our service
– Deposit amount varies from Promotion to Promotion.


5) Upon receiving your Deposit, we will send you the Updated Invoice and a list of To-Dos by Email.


6) To-Dos includes:
a) Preparation of Song List:
We will usually make a Prelist for your review. You can feel free to make changes. This is easier as we know the songs that are currently popular in weddings. You do not need to start thinking from scratch! This step is usually done 1-2months before your wedding.
b) Site Visit To Your Wedding Venue:
This is usually to check your venue and assure that we have ample stage space for our band and also In-House Sound System. It is also to help us assure what speakers to bring to make sure your guests enjoy the best sound from our band. This step is usually done anytime when you guys are going down for other wedding banquet matters. We will tag along and usually our site visit will take no more than 20mins.
c) Emcee Discussion & Meetup:
If your package includes Emcee, we will arrange for Emcee Discussion with our Emcee Team to discuss requirements and also get to know you guys better.
d) Instructions to Your Wedding Venue:
Simple Instructions such as preparation of Wireless Mics for our Emcees, our arrival timing on actual day, setting aside space/stage for our Live Band, and also preparation of Background Music for Live Band Intervals.


7) Singing/Emcee For Your Big Day:
We will arrive earlier by a few hours to setup and sound test. We may also do some dry rehearsals with you for March-Ins if you require.
After our band finished singing, we will take some photos with you guys as memory.
Do facilitate for one of your runners/coordinators to pass us the Balance Payment as you will be busy entertaining your guests!


Questions? Contact us to know more! :)