Our Founder

Raynor Yeo

Raynor started his First Wedding Gig together with another of our pioneer Female Talent – Xin Ying for a friend’s wedding back in 2007. That very 1st Gig has since paved the road of even more live performances which he gradually expanded into the Music Box of today. Raynor’s love for music and singing started off from his early Polytechnic days when he joined Nanyang Polytechnic Guitar Club and developed a great passion for guitaring. Together with a few good friends, he has performed for numerous school events, concerts, external events like Singapore Street Festival, competitions like STOMP MMSing and has performed regularly in various cafes like The Ark, TAOS and even C.NAI HK Cafe. He was also a regular weekend morning Live Segment Singer for UFM 1003 too!

As Director of Music Box, he upholds the quality of our Live Band & Emcees, and constantly strives for excellent service standards for all couples & customers to give them a peace of mind and assurance. This is especially important when couples are already very occupied and busy during their Wedding Banquet.

Achievements, Performances & Competitions:

1) NYP Guitar Club President/ Guitarist/ Vocalist (1996 to 2008)
2) Yamaha Classical Guitar Course (1999)
3) Singapore Street Festival Guitarist/ Vocalist (2001 to 2003)
4) The Ark (木船) Guitarist/ Vocalist (2001)
5) STOMP MMSing Competitions 2007 Judges Choice Top 10
6) STOMP MMSing Competitions 2008 5th Place
7) Musicdreamer Café Guest Guitarist/ Vocalist (2008 – 2009)
8) TAOS Café Guitarist/ Vocalist(2007 – 2008)
9) White Tangerine Café Guitarist/ Vocalist(2008 – 2011)
10) C.Nai HK Express Café Guitarist/ Vocalist(2009 – 2010)
11) Music Box Live Band Founder/ Guitarist/ Vocalist (2007 – Present)
12) Replugged Music School Pop Piano Course (2010-2011)
13) CrazyWorld Cafe Music Box Showcase with UFM 1003 (2011)
14) UFM 1003 星期六,乐生活 Unplugged Guitarist/ Vocalist (2011 – 2012)
15) Shine Music School Suzuki Method Violin Course (2016-2018)
16) Licensed Street Busker (2016-2017)
17) ABU Radio Song Festival Guitarist/ Vocalist (2012)
18) Featured in an Interview on 早报 ZaoBao 财经-中小企业 (15-Jun-17)

19) Loops Live Streaming App Guitarist/ Singer (2017-2018)
20) Featured in an Interview on 早报 ZaoBao 财经-中小企业 (14-Oct-18)