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5 Misconceptions About (Our) Wedding Live Band & Emcee

Misconception 1: A Live Band Vocalist Doubling Up As Emcee will be cheaper than the combined price of hiring a separate Emcee. Music Box: Not entirely true! A Vocalist with Emcee Role is a much more complicated task. He/She will need to juggle two… Read More

35 Wedding Venues With Live Band Reviewed

Should I go for a 2PC or 3PC Band? Will the Live Band sound great at my venue? Venues comes in various shapes & sizes: Some are big, some have multiple pillars, some have odd shapes, some have great acoustics for Live… Read More

Top 10 Questions Asked by Couples for Our Live Band & Emcee Services

Q1: Can your Live Band Personnels double up as my Emcee? A: Yes! We have some Live Band Talents who can double up as very Professional Wedding Hosts. Check out Tiffany doubling up as a Single Emcee in the Duo Combo Deal…. Read More

5 Reasons Why A Wedding Live Band can be as COSTLY as Your Bridal Package

1) Musicianship All Musicians & Vocalists worthy of taking your stage are performing on Professional Levels and went through years of training, numerous experiences on stage and are constantly renewing their repertoire and skillsets to sing and play for you. They are… Read More

5 Reasons For NOT Using Venue PA System for Your Wedding Live Band

1) Usually, Venues (Hotels/ Restaurants) do not allow it. 2) Even if they allow, they are simply PA Systems (Stands for: Public Address Systems) which are good for only Speech & Background Music. A Live Band needs a much more Powerful &… Read More