Whats In The Box

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Hello Everyone!

We are Music Box – the only Wedding Live Band in Singapore with an auspicious Chinese name called 百年好盒. It comes from the common Auspicious Chinese Wedding Greeting – 百年好合, which translates as “a hundred years of harmony”, and thus for wishing couples lifelong marriage harmony.

With a compact team of musicians, vocalists and emcees constantly performing, we are highly experienced in providing great live band music and wedding hosting since 2007.

We sing English, Chinese, and even Hokkien, Cantonese, Japanese or Korean songs upon requests. Genre includes Pop, Sentimental, Oldies, Bossa Nova and many more. Our repertoire grows with you!

When we plan Repertoire for you, not only do we play your favorite songs, but most importantly, we plan a smart list of all-time-favorites for your distinguished Guests, who can be from all ages, different races, and having different tastes in music – We have something for everyone to enjoy!

Check out our Actual Performance Videos here.