Top 10 Questions Asked by Couples for Our Live Band & Emcee Services

Q1: Can your Live Band Personnels double up as my Emcee?

A: Yes! We have some Live Band Talents who can double up as very Professional Wedding Hosts.
Check out Tiffany doubling up as a Single Emcee in the Duo Combo Deal.
Check out Daniel & Xin Ying doubling up as Duo Emcees in the Duo Premium Deal.

If not, you can always take our standalone Single Emcee Service separately from Live Band.
Check out Kirbie in her Single Emcee Showreel.


Q2: Does your Live Band accept dedications?

A: Yes! We love singing for your guests’ dedications and will do our best to cater!


Q3: Can we select our own songs ?

A: Definitely yes! We will send you a pre-list of well-received and popular songs for review. You can then change and insert your own favorites and leave the rest to us!


Q4: Can you guys sing our March-In songs ?

A: Yes, we can!


Q5: How much do you charge ? And why aren’t the prices found in this website ?

A: We do have Promotion Packages with NETT Pricing listed under the Promotions Page.
As for Standard Rates of all Live Band and Emcee combis, we will inform you through email/phone correspondences. Our rates are attractive and our packages give you the flexibility to choose a suitable one that matches your budget. They are not published due to competition.


Q6: What is a “Set” ? And how long is 1 Set?

A: A Set is our band’s performance duration of 45mins.
Commonly, for weddings, we are engaged for 2 Sets:
– 1st Set of 45mins starts after 1st March-In when 1st Dish is served.
– 2nd Set of 45mins starts after 2nd March-In when Table-to-Table Photo-taking commences.
Each Set has a maximum of 12 songs.


Q7: Does your band provide sound system as well?

A: Yes, we do. Check it out here.
They are packaged into our Live Band Packages & Promotions and are compulsory to ensure our Service & Sound Quality for your big day.
We Do NOT use venue Sound Systems due to the following reasons:
– Many Hotels do not allow Live Band to use theirs.
– Hotel Sound Systems are normally PA systems good for speech and not suitable for Live Band use.
– In worst scenarios we experienced, some venue’s PA systems will easily overload and cut off the system power when there are too many inputs (which is common for Live Band).
– Hotel AV Crews are not trained to handle and monitor Live Band Sounds, which will affect our performance.


Q8: Does your band bring your own instruments?

A: Yes, we do!
Smaller Instruments like Guitars are personal instruments brought by respective musicians.
Bigger ones like Keyboards are included as part of our In-House Sound System & Live Band Equipment Rental, included in Live Band Packages.


Q9: What logistics do you guys need from the performing venue?

A: Since our Live Band packages already includes In-House Sound System & Equipment Rental, we only need Power Source Outlets and a Stage Space for our Live Band.

For Emcees, Venue must provide at least Podium Mics and/or Wireless Mics.


Q10: What kind of songs do Music Box play?

A: We play a wide genre of repertoire ranging from Pop, Sentimental, Rock, Bossanova and of different languages including English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Japanese & Korean.

Our repertoire grows with you!
Get a feel of our performances from our YouTube Channel!


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