Getting To Know: Seow Ting!


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Q1: When did you join Music Box?
Seow Ting: My first gig with Music Box was on 25th Sep 2010! :O

Q2: Why & How did you join Music Box?
Seow Ting: I got to know Raynor through a music class and joined Music Box as I have always been passionate about singing.

Q3: What are your Roles in Music Box?
Seow Ting: Vocalist, keyboardist and occasional music stand keeper. :p

Q4: What do you do for leisure?
Seow Ting: Shopping, reading, and a hobby I picked up recently is modern calligraphy.

Q5: Where do you usually performed/hang-out ?
Seow Ting: I’m currently performing at Obar Punggol, Union Square and Ikki Izakaya.

Q6: What is your full time occupation (if any) ?
Seow Ting: I’ve just started pursuing music as a full-time career this year!

Q7: Who are your usual performing/emcee partners?
Seow Ting: Daniel Ong Not the DJ :p

Q8: Do you have a Fanpage/Website/YouTube Channel/Instagram?
Seow Ting: You can find me on YouTube and Instagram via the ID “gnitwoes” (if you’re wondering what it means, trying spelling that backwards!)

Q9: What is the Most Memorable Event/ Incident in Music Box you will never forget?
Seow Ting: There was a couple who started dancing in front of the stage as I was singing “L-O-V-E” during one of my gigs. It was heartwarming to know that our music has infected the audience to start grooving along! It’s also wonderful when some of the audience come up to us after the sets to compliment us personally. We really appreciate this kind gesture.

Q10: We will be surprised that you are also…..(fill in the blanks)
Seow Ting: A lot of people were taken aback when I share that I used to do hip-hop dance during my Polytechnic days. (But it’s true. I swear!)

Q11: If the world is coming to an end in 3 Days time, what will you do?
Seow Ting: Speak to the people who have inspired and made a difference in my life, thank them and tell them that I appreciate what they have done for me. And eat my favourite food for the last time (LOL).

Q12: Who do you think is the most talented in Music Box?
Seow Ting: Everyone is talented in their own ways!

Q13: Why should couples engage you?
Seow Ting: Couples should engage Music Box as we are very down-to-earth and personable!