Getting To Know: Tiffany Kwa!


Q1: When did you join Music Box?
Tiff: I’m very new to Music Box =D I just joined in January 2015 !

Q2: Why & How did you join Music Box?
Tiff: I’ve always admire wedding singers where they simply just giving their blessings to the couple by just singing !
And Music Box has very compact and delicate team of musicians, working close together like a family, and hence I have chosen to join Music Box !

I emailed our  老大, went for auditions by Music Box and then I’ve got through to join this family !

Q3: What are your Roles in Music Box?
Tiff: I’m a vocalist, keyboardist and emcee in Music Box.

Q4: What do you do for leisure?
Tiff: I sing, learn instruments and do yoga !

Q5: Where do you usually performed/hang-out ?
Tiff: No particular place for performances ! I’m doing on freelance/event basis. If someone rings me up for an event/roadshow, then I will be there to perform !

Q6: What is your full time occupation (if any) ?
Tiff: I’m a music instructor =)

Q7: Who are your usual performing/emcee partners?
Tiff: Daniel 大牛

Q8: Do you have a Fanpage/Website/YouTube Channel/Instagram?
Tiff: Fb page:

Q9: What is the Most Memorable Event/ Incident in Music Box you will never forget?
Tiff: Every wedding gig that I have been taking past 1 year have all been memorable to me =)

Q10: We will be surprised that you are also…..(fill in the blanks)
Tiff: a big fan of Spongebob Squarepants !!! =D

Q11: If the world is coming to an end in 3 Days time, what will you do?
Tiff: I will go and eat all the food that I want,  sing all I want and lastly spend time with my family and loved ones at home <3

Q12: Who do you think is the most talented in Music Box?
Tiff: I think everyone is talented in Music Box leh !!!!

Q13: Why should couples engage you?
Tiff: Coz I am tri-llingual – English, Mandarin and Hokkien ! I was called the “自 high” Queen by our 老大, so I will always be entertaining everyone, to make sure that all guests will enjoy the event to the fullest !