Cellist in Quartet Grande Combi
Yuren is an active and experienced Cellist from Temasek Polytechnic and Chengsan CC Chinese Orchestra. He started learning Cello since young and has since achieved an ABRSM Cello Grade 5 with Merit.He is multi-talented and can play the Dizi and Guzheng too! He joins Music Box and seeks out to not only play in an Instrumental Band, but also together with the Live Band to experience different performing opportunities and styles.

Achievements, Performances & Competitions:

1) Chinese Orchestra – Dizi (Chinese Flute), Guzheng and Cello
2) Life of Music by Temasek Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra (2012)
3) Chinese Orchestra Exchange Trip with National Taiwan University of Arts (2010)
4) ABRSM Cello Grade 5 Merit (2011)
5) Music Box Cellist (2013 – Present)
6) Performer Cellist for Impresario Grand Finals 2013 (2013)