Female Vocalist/ Keyboardist

Seow Ting- Wedding Live Band Talent Showreel
Since her childhood days, Seow Ting has had a love for the performing arts. She started dancing since she was seven and subsequently picked up hip hop and street jazz during her Polytechnic years. Besides dancing, Seow Ting has a passion for vocal and piano performance. After enrolling herself in a vocal performance course back in 2005, she garnered several live performing experiences by participating in concerts, competitions as well as showcases.Apart from weddings and events, Seow Ting has staged her music at Shuffle Bistro Bar, Ikki Izakaya, and other live music venues. Both English and Chinese numbers pose no issues to her at all as she is apt in delivering songs comfortably in either language. Seow Ting is currently a pop piano instructor who shares her renditions on YouTube from time to time.

Achievements, Performances & Competitions:

1) W1 Cluster Songfest – Group Category Champion (2003)
2) International Hiphop Competition – Semi-Finalist (2006)
3) EAI Music Concert – Singer/Dancer (2007)
4) Funkamania Hiphop Competition – Semi-Finalist (2008)
5) NP Fantazia Song & Dance Concert – Singer/Dancer (2008)
6) Whiskey Bar Karaoke Competition – 3rd Place (2008)
7) EAI Star Team Concert – Singer/Dancer (2010)
8) Music Box Live Band Performer (2011 – Present)
9) SPH UFM100.3 星期六,乐生活 Unplugged Performer (2011 – 2012)
10) Resident Band Performer at Zero Zero (2012)
11) Resident Band Performer at Shuffle Bistro Bar (2013 – 2014)
12) Resident Band Performer at Ikki Izakaya (2014 – Present)
13) Resident Band Performer at Obar (2015 – 2016)
14) Resident Band Performer at Froth (2016 – Present)
15) SPH UFM100.3 Live Broadcaster (2016 – Present)
16) Vocalist & Keyboardist of Local Band – CurryPop (2016 – Present)
17) Resident Band Performer at Shuffle Bistro Bar (2017)