Join Our Emcee Team!

We are Looking for Emcees to Join Us

Hi there,

Kirbie here, the Emcee Team Leader of Music Box.

Have you…

  • been requested to be your loved one’s wedding emcee before and really enjoyed it?
  • seen nervous emcees on stage and wish you could the emcee instead to save the day?
  • been told by friends that you belong on the stage?

Or do you simply desire to become an emcee and want to know how to build your emcee career? If so, Music Box is expanding our emcee team (both wedding and non-weddings) and we are looking for you to join us!

It is compulsory to attend our 1-day workshop to be trained on how to become an emcee. As your emcee trainer, I will give you all the puzzle that I have used 7 years of emcee experience to get.

The chart below briefly summarises our emcee application process. Suitable candidates will be invited to join Music Box on a 3-month probation. After probation, confirmed emcees will get $500 bonus for becoming our in-house emcee!


Please fill in the form below to indicate your interest and we will contact you shortly.

Thank you and hope to see you soon.

Cheers, Kirbie