9 Types of Wedding Singers/ Musicians in Music Box!

We have a number of interesting personnel in our Live Band Team, whom any of us internally will instantly know who they are just by seeing the description below.

Usually after doing Sound Test, and the 1-2 hours of free time before they start to go on stage to sing, they usually will have engage themselves in certain habits or activities.

And..can you guess who they are? :p
(One person can have more than two types!)

1) The Photo Expert
– Always bubbly and happily taking selfies/wefies with fellow band members.
– Expert in using Meitu to beautify any not-so-pretty photos.


2) The Hungry One
– Eyes will GLOW when sees food.
– MUST die die have some Yummy Dinner/Lunch before the gig even if the time is very short.


3) The Coffee Addict
– Will come to sound test feeling sleepy and drained out.
– Will always go buy some coffee back to recharge.
– Once the caffeine effects kicks in, he is FULLY energized for the gig.


4) The Tired One
– Always yawning throughout during Sound Test and waiting.
– But can still sing like a Diva during the wedding!


5) The Serious One
– After Sound Test, he will still be on stage practising and ensuring all songs are OK!


6) The Cold One
– Always cracking lotsa Cold Jokes that no one understands.
– End up, everyone leaves him alone :p


7) The OCD one
– Setup swee swee and assure cables nice nice, and stage nice nice.


8) The Ultra Infectious Laughing One
– Always will find something funny to tell, and infecting the whole team with jokes.


9) The Very Zai One
– Sound Test finished, rest and relax and super steady look.


No prize for guessing all entries right! :p Have Fun!