Interview with Our Affiliates: Blackcurrant Studio

If you have noticed our Partners Page, you would have seen our affiliated vendors and their services.

This time round, we have decided to interview them to give you a some insights and details of their services and the awesome teams running them!

Introducing Blackcurrant Studio!


Email/ Contact: / 6348 8554

1) What services do you provide
Kenny:  Photography, Videography and Animation for weddings

2) Which services are your main speciality and why?
Kenny: We specialize in all 3 services as mentioned above and often do our very best to deliver the most qualified works to our couples.

3) How do most of your customers got to know your services? (Eg. Website, Advertisement, Facebook Ad, Word of Mouth, etc)
Kenny: Referrals (word of mouth)

4) When did you started this business and what are the main reasons or motivation that trigger you to start this business?
Kenny: To bring smiles to the clients. The company was formed with the primary objective to bring media solutions to a couple’s wedding day.

5) What do you think of the overall Wedding Service Industry in Singapore and what do you think can be improved?
Kenny: The entire wedding industry is in parts and usually clients are not much well informed of the differences and deliverables each vendor is providing.
More often driven by budget. There needs to be more educational platform for a client to research on, and more resources to facilitate the setup.
What Music Box is doing is right what the industry needs. (Music Box: Thank you :p)

6) Where is your office located and do you welcome walk-ins?
Kenny: 101 East Coast Road. By Appointments only

7) What is the most memorable incident you ever encountered in this business?
Kenny: We are usually the backend support. Capturing the essential moments that meant the most out of a newly wed’s life. Whilst we do not ask for anything in return when doing our job, a couple recently thank us during their thank you speech on their wedding day, leaving us great appreciative notes that lingers till today. Words do matter, and especially thankful appreciative ones. These comments forever etched in our memory, and bring us smile and energy to run the race, even when the going gets tough.

8) What is a typical day like in your work for this service?
Pre-Wedding Day: Usually email exchange for with the client, asking for updates and wedding itinerary program flow. Arrange meetup with couple to discuss on actual flow, things to note and of course logistic arrangement.
Actual Wedding Day: Usually involves reaching the bride’s house early in the morning, capturing makeup segments, bride’s preparation, gatecrashing, tea ceremony and outdoor shoot, followed by second half in the banquet which usually involves solemnization, reception, march ins, cake-cutting, yum-seng and thank you speech. Last but not least, table shoot and farewell to send off the guest.
Post Wedding Day: Usually involves editing the pictures and clips, plus delivery of final images in a classic thumbdrive to our couple.

9) What is your price range of your services like?
Kenny: $1200 to $2500

10) An on-going promotion you wished to shout-out to your potential customers?
Kenny: Sign up before 30 December 2016 and enjoy a preferential rate of $2888 for Full Day Photography and Full Day Videography (with highlights). (Usual Price: $3200)

11) Why should couples engage you?
Kenny: A One-Stop Wedding Platform accompanied by quality works and services. We go to the extra mile just to see you smile. One-Stop Service also ensures that the team works well with one another and avoid conflict. Amist your busy schedule, our one stop service brings about convenience and easy coordination.

12) How do couples book your services should they be interested?
Kenny: Do contact us at if you need any clarifications.