Getting To Know Our Founder: Raynor Yeo!

Q1: When did you join Music Box?
Raynor: I started Music Box in 2007.

Q2: Why & How did you join Music Box?
Raynor: Two of my Friends – Dominic & Yvonne, from my previous company were getting married, and as they knew that I sing and play guitar alot, they requested me to sing for their wedding. With little to no experience in wedding singing, I decided to get a female vocalist friend – Xin Ying (the 2nd Pioneer of Music Box) to join in the fun!

From that Wedding, we got to know their Emcee, whose a professional and also later on contacted us for more gig opportunities with more couples. Thats how Music Box started to grow till today.

Q3: What are your Roles in Music Box?
Raynor: Founder, Director, Guitarist, Male Vocalist, Sales. Marketing, Soundman, Webmaster, Social Media IC :p
Basically, I seldom sing and play already (exception for good friends weddings if they requested) as I have to run the business from back to front, and having so many roles stated above.
As Director, I always assure the Service Quality of Music Box is never compromised and always reminded my team to keep in mind that they are singing/emceeing for a Joyful Occasion and to serve with a smile and for couples and guests to always remember.

You will also often see me setting up Sound System and monitoring Sound System for my Live Band. Sound is one of the most important factor of any Live Band, which will ultimately decide if the Band sounds good or not, no matter how good the singers sing or musician play.

Q4: What do you do for leisure?
Raynor: Sleeping, Console Gaming, Exercising, Playing Guitar, Singing, Chording, Watching Movies, Eating Any Good Food, Shopping.

Q5: Where do you usually performed/hang-out ?
Raynor: I do Street Busking, usually at Dhoby Ghaut Green. Will be trying out Chinatown Pagoda Street soon!

Q6: What is your full time occupation (if any) ?
Raynor: I’m a full-time musician, Guitar Teacher and run Music Box Full Time as a Business.

Q7: Who are your usual performing/emcee partners?
Raynor: I am quite flexible and can perform with any female vocalist partners. The latest past performances will be with Xin Ying, Seow Ting and Joey.

Q8: Do you have a Fanpage/Website/YouTube Channel/Instagram?
Facebook Fanpage (Performing Musician):
Chordsheet Resources/ Guitar Lessons:
Facebook Fanpage (Guitaring/ Chordsheets):
Facebook Fanpage (My YouTube Band – CurryPop):

Q9: What is the Most Memorable Event/ Incident in Music Box you will never forget?
A Good One: I sang for a Couple’s Wedding on my birthday. They knew and actually asked their Emcee to lead a Birthday song for me on stage, and I was so surprised and awkward at the same time!

A Bad One: Was manning sound for one Wedding Gig at this particular restaurant and outside was pouring heavy rain. Suddenly their Roof right behind my Live Band starts to leak water, and it got closer and closer to our Band, who was still singing. We then frantically cleared the area of our Cables, Mixer, Speakers within the very packed restaurant. Luckily our major important equipment were not damaged by water. What a gig!

Q10: We will be surprised that you are also…..(fill in the blanks)
Raynor: A Fan of Doraemon!
A Street Busker!
A Violinist!

Q11: If the world is coming to an end in 3 Days time, what will you do?
Raynor: Stay with my love ones and treasure the last 3 days together.

Q12: Who do you think is the most talented in Music Box?
Raynor: Daniel. He learns and pick up things very fast (like papers…stones…haha just kidding). He started off in Music Box as a Guitarist and Vocalist. Now he can Emcee, can write and compose songs, and play percussive guitar!

Q13: Why should couples engage you?
Raynor: Hahaha, as long as couples engage Music Box, will be good enough! :p