6 Common Mistakes of Amateur Wedding Emcees

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In order to save costs, we know many couples will request their own friends/relatives/family members to be their Wedding Emcee.

Some who are naturally good public speakers can of course execute that role well like any professional emcees.

But when they are the unwilling ones, or when they are simply too tensed up on stage, be mentally prepared that they will make very common mistakes like those below, which can caused your guests to find them funny, or worst, make your families/relatives frown upon, and even cause major disruptions to your banquet wedding flow.

1) Greeting your Guests Good Afternoon instead of Good Evening (or vice versa).
Our Take: Small issue, and they usually will realize it and correct themselves quickly.


2) Saying “Cut-Cakking” instead of “Cake-Cutting” Ceremony.
Our Take: As ticklish as it sounds, this seems to be VERY common among many amateur emcees we have seen!


3) If they are Friends who are not so close with your families, they have a tendency to pronounce your parents names wrongly, especially names which are very difficult to remember and pronounce, even though they have practice reading it many times.
Our Take: I think this is quite a serious mistake. Imagine how your parents will feel with their names announced wrongly to a banquet of 300-400 guests?


4) Failing to control unexpected situations.
Eg. Montage Video played halfway and failed due to technical issues. Then if the Emcee rely just on script for the whole wedding, he or she may not be able to announce properly what’s actually going on, and continuing from where he/she left off.
Our Take: Emcees should always be alert for any unexpected situations and know what to announce and say, so that the guests will not be feeling lost or any feeling any dead silence.


5) Forgetting to invite the Couple’s Parents, Families, Friends, Relatives Up on Stage and straight away announcing to Yum Seng.
Our Take: Surprisingly, this is also very common among many amateur emcees. They seem to always forget that the stage is empty with only the couple and they cannot just Yum Seng without the important Yum Seng party on stage!


6) Overdressing/ Underdressing:
Some Emcees overdressed and outshined the couple and some underdressed like they are just going shopping at neighborhood mall.
Our Take: The emcee should always check on dressing theme/code/colors of the banquet before hand with the couple as he/she is the next most outstanding person on stage beside the couple which the guests will always pay attention to. Wrong theme or color clash can make the Emcee look very out and silly on stage.


We recommend that you let your friends/family member/relative rest and enjoy the wedding. Hire professional emcees to do the job.
Our Emcees at Music Box has vast experience in numerous wedding banquets and will do a better job for sure and give you a peace of mind.
Contact us to know more! :)