8 Unexpected & Surprising Kind Gestures by Our Couples

Alvin & Claire 26-Oct-14

In the Wedding Industry, we definitely understand that it is a Joyful Occasion.

Thus, we know that it is important to go that extra mile to provide Great Service with a Smile and Pleasant Attitude.

We do not ask for anything extra in return. However, we have many Couples who also go that extra mile to show their appreciation for our services :)


Here are a list of actual kind gestures by some of them:

1) They indented simple dinner for us even when its not a requirement from our service.


2) They actually came down personally during setup time and sound test timing to check if we are doing fine and if we need any help.


3) They gave us additional ang baos as token of appreciation.


4) They pay us the balance few days before the wedding to give us (and them) the convienience and save the trouble of carrying the money around on actual day.


5) They wrote exceptionally long testimonials for us, thanking each and everyone of us for the role we played for us and even added us as friends on Facebook.


6) They thank us personally in their wedding speech.


7) They personally walked to the live band stage after our singing to thank us personally even though they have a long queue of guests waiting at door to thank.


8) One Couple actually knows that its one of Band Member’s Birthday, and she actually instructed her Emcees to sing and lead along a Birthday Song for the Member before the Live Band commences the 1st set!
And it was so “paiseh” for the Member, but it was really very sweet and thoughtful of the couple as they know that that Band Member actually forwent his Birthday celebration to sing for their Big Day!


Whatever it is, we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all these Couples for the extra kind gestures which make us feel more appreciated. These will definitely make us remember that we were once part of your joyful day :)