Getting To Know: Joey Wee!

Q1: When did you join Music Box?
Joey: 2009.

Q2: Why & How did you join Music Box?
Joey: Music is the fate that brought me to join Musc Box.

Q3: What are your Roles in Music Box?
Joey: Vocalist.

Q4: What do you do for leisure?
Joey: Singing, trekking, makan.

Q5: Where do you usually performed/hang-out ?
Joey: Currently busking with other music kakis around the corners at Singapore.

Q6: What is your full time occupation (if any) ?
Joey: Freight Forwarding Industry

Q7: Who are your usual performing/emcee partners?
Joey: Joseph

Q8: Do you have a Fanpage/Website/YouTube Channel/Instagram?
Joey: FB:

Q9: What is the Most Memorable Event/ Incident in Music Box you will never forget?
Joey: Every event/gig that we had done.

Q10: We will be surprised that you are also…..(fill in the blanks)
Joey: Kuku (Blur) Queen

Q11: If the world is coming to an end in 3 Days time, what will you do?
Joey: Do whatever I feel I want to do.

Q12: Who do you think is the most talented in Music Box?
Joey: Everyone as Music Box ‘collect’ talented & unique music lover!

Q13: Why should couples engage you?
Joey: Everyone is unique, inclusive Joey Wee lol.