Getting To Know: Joseph Ong!

Q1: When did you join Music Box?
Joe: 2009

Q2: Why & How did you join Music Box?
Joe: I enjoyed playing music with group of friends who shares the same passion.
It started off with live gigs at music cafes, along with the pioneers of Musicbox. After which we took up freelance jobs as wedding performers

Q3: What are your Roles in Music Box?
Joe: Guitarist

Q4: What do you do for leisure?
Joe: Running.

Q5: Where do you usually performed/hang-out ?
Joe: Imma slacker at home =)

Q6: What is your full time occupation (if any) ?
Joe: System Analyst.

Q7: Who are your usual performing/emcee partners?
Joe: Joey

Q8: Do you have a Fanpage/Website/YouTube Channel/Instagram?
Joe: Nope.

Q9: What is the Most Memorable Event/ Incident in Music Box you will never forget?
Joe: Water dripping from rooftop causing the show to stop

Q10: We will be surprised that you are also…..(fill in the blanks)
Joe: A Nice Gentleman.

Q11: If the world is coming to an end in 3 Days time, what will you do?
Joe: Gather my Musicbox friends, hand in hand, we spend the last moments together…….

Q12: Who do you think is the most talented in Music Box?
Joe: Wenrong, he can play keyboard, cajon, guitar, harmonize and dance hiphop

Q13: Why should couples engage you?
Joe: 因为您值得拥有