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Good News! We are featured in an interview by is a portal that showcase and reviews platform on entertainment and more, with over 100 specially curated listings. Featuring “One Email, Multiple Quotations”, clients send a single email to selected vendors to request for quotations.

Interview’s title: 14 Things You Need to Know About Getting a Live Band for Your Event.

This interview include common questions couples asked us when inquiring our services. It also includes our packages and many important information you need to know before booking us.

Here are some of the hot questions asked:

1) How would you describe your performance style?

2) Could we see you perform live for other weddings?

3) Would you agree to a dress code?

4) How many breaks would you require (and duration)?

5) Any instrument rental required on our end?

6) How do you know the acoustic requirements of the venue?

7) Contingency plans if your member falls ill or your equipment malfunction?

…..and many more!

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