Handmade Crocheted Wedding Dolls from Yunie’s

IF you:

  1. Planned to give a special gift for your beloved on his/ her special day.
  2. Are wreaking your brain for the perfect Wedding Gift.
  3. Wished to decorate your Wedding Banquet Ang Bao Box OR your Wedding Bridal Car with something special.

A Pair of Customized Handmade Crocheted Dolls is the choice!

These cute and lovely dolls comes in various sizes and you can request to customized what they wear, how they look and even what accessories they wear or carry!

These Dolls are made our by Yunie’s – a partner of Musicbox!

Check out what she made for us too!

If you would like to enquire or order, please visit their Yunie’s Website OR  Facebook Fanpage to know more!