Virtual Live Band


Due to Government Restrictions for COVID-19, Live Band Singing is Not Allowed in all Wedding Receptions due to the high risk involved when guests are unmasked and eating and also the fact that guests will talk louder and cause higher risk of saliva droplets spreading virus while Live Band is singing.

As such, Music Box will temporary replace Physical Live Band with Virtual Live Band instead for all bookings till the restrictions are lifted.

What is Virtual Live Band?

Virtual Live Band is basically Live Band Broadcasted Live from a different location from the actual wedding venue. Instead of a Live Band physically present in the wedding banquet venue itself on stage (which is not allowed for now), the Live Band (which is located at a different location) is Broadcasted on a Live Stream through a Live Stream Platform (such as YouTube/ Facebook) from a Laptop and flashed onto the Venue’s projector screen for your Guests’ enjoyment!

Checklist for Virtual Live Band

Before you book a Virtual Live Band Package from us, take note of the Mandatory Checklist below:

FAQ for Virtual Live Band

Q1: Is the Virtual Live Band Broadcast Real-Time?
A: Any form of Live Stream Broadcast will lag from as short as 10secs to as long as a few minutes depending on various factors such as Telco’s Mobile Network, Wifi Signal Strength and even location.
Refrain from using Venue WIFI as usually they have limitations to their bandwidth as many users in their buildings will be sharing the same network.
As long as you are using dedicated 4G Mobile Data as Hotspot to your Laptop (and provided your Telco’s Mobile Network & the Internet itself has no issue), the average lag is a constant 10 to 15secs.

Q2: What if the Virtual Live Band Broadcast has major video/ audio/ network issues?
A: We will have Two Live Stream & Sound Technician onsite who will be consistently monitoring the stream at the Actual Banquet area and the also at the Live Band Broadcasting room. They will do their best to resolved the issues as long as it is within their control (unless it is due to Telco Mobile Network problem or Major Internet Outage).

Q3: Can the Virtual Live Band sing for our March-In Songs?
A: As there will be a constant lag of 10 to 15secs (not truly real-time), we regret to inform you that March-In song is not possible for Virtual Live Band.

Q4: Can the Virtual Live Band take guests dedications?
A: Yes, this is possible as guests will be able to send their song requests through a Facebook hashtag system for our Live Band to read and sing them out for you.

Q5: Can the Virtual Live Band Talent double up as our Emcee(s)?
A: Yes, as long as the Live Band Broadcast Room is near to the Actual Banquet Room, the Talent doubling up will be able to execute his/her role individually as long as Emcee & Live Band events do not happen at the same time.
As Emcee is allowed with Facemask in a Wedding Reception, the Talent will execute the Emcee role in the Actual Banquet Room itself with all safety measures in place and will return back to Live Band Broadcast Room to resume Live Band singing when not hosting.

Q6: What if the Government allows Physical Live Band after I booked Virtual Live Band?
A: We will gladly convert your Virtual Live Band back to Physical Live Band Package with no additional costs!

Check Out our Live Band Combis Below:

One Serenade Acoustic Duo Acoustic Duo PLUS
Trio Fusion
Quartet Grande
Duration Option: 2x 45mins
What You Get
  • Complimentary Pre-Banquet Set: 15mins (3 Songs)
  • Banquet Sets: 2x 45mins (20 Songs)
  • Popular & Recommended Option.
  • Sufficient and fits into any typical banquet program flow.
Duration Option: 2x 30mins
What You Get
  • Banquet Sets: 2x 30mins (14 Songs)
  • Easy on the wallet.
  • Shorter Banquet Set Duration, yet provides ample duration of Live Band Entertainment for your Guests.

For Rates or any further details and questions not found here, simply contact us.


One Serenade


  • 1x Keyboardist + Female Vocalist
Planning for a small scale wedding with a chill and cosy ambience? Consider hiring this single piece package to serenade your guests. Relaxing and soothing, feel at ease and enjoy the music just like in your own home.
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Acoustic Duo


  • 1x Guitarist + Male Vocalist
  • 1x Female Vocalist
Acoustically pleasing & easy on the ears, let the Duo grace your wedding with love songs in their simplest forms.
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Acoustic Duo PLUS


  • 1x Guitarist + Male Vocalist
  • 1x Keyboardist + Female Vocalist
Upgrade your Acoustic Duo with an additional Keyboard. A perfect blend of keys and guitar, the Duo now sounds fuller and more harmonious in song presentations.
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Trio Fusion


  • 1x Guitarist + Male Vocalist
  • 1x Keyboardist + Female Vocalist/ Female Vocalist
  • 1x Percussionist/ Cellist/ Keyboardist
Top-up for an additional Percussionist/ Cellist/ Keyboardist to your 2PC Acoustic Duo or Acoustic Duo PLUS for a Groovier or Fuller feel. This means more variety in song presentations and more fun for your audiences!
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Quartet Grande


  • 1x Guitarists + Male Vocalist
  • 1x Keyboardist + Female Vocalist/ Female Vocalist
  • 1x Percussionist/ Keyboardist
  • 1x Cellist/ Keyboardist
With the addition of both a Percussionist AND Cellist to your 2PC Acoustic Duo or Acoustic Duo PLUS, this is the FULLEST Acoustic Live Band Combi you can ever get from Music Box.
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