Male Vocalist/ Guitarist

Wilson- Wedding Live Band Talent Showreel
Growing up in a family full of music lovers, Wilson picked up singing when he was 11 years old. He picked up the guitar at 16 years old, and he did not look back from then on. The stage is no unfamiliar territory for him as he performed on various school occasions even after he graduated from secondary school, and in the army as well. Doubling up as a guitarist, he even had the honor to sing for his close friend’s wedding march-in.

His professional music career began in 2014, when he was asked to be part of the opening act for 《明天32》新谣演唱会. From then on, he has been a part of various 新谣-related events, with the most prominent collaboration in 2017 with Singapore Chinese Orchestra where he was featured along 新谣 veteran singers such as 洪劭轩 , 潘盈 and 黎沸辉 in a 新谣 showcase concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall.

Wilson currently sings regularly at Pump Station 1965.

Achievements, Performance & Competitions:

1) Opening Act for 《明天32》 新谣演唱会
2) Performer at 《我的生活在这里》SG50 新谣演唱会 – organized by Clementi CCC
3) Composer for the theme song “就在这里” of 《我的生活在这里》SG50 新谣演唱会
4) Performer for 华艺节 2015, 2017
5) Singer/Guitarist at 春到河畔 2015, 2017
6) Singer at Esplanade 《我们的新谣,我们的故事》音乐说唱会 2015, 2016
7) Singer at 《明天32》新谣演唱会 (2014)
8) Singer at 《明天34》新谣演唱会 (2016)
9) Singer at 《明天35》新谣演唱会 (2017)
10) Singer/Guitarist at NParks Music Series 2015, at Jurong Central Park
11) Toured 20 schools as Singer at 《新空下:音乐分享会》School Tour 2017
12) Singer at 《SCO:Night of Xinyao》 Concert
13) 《新空下:新谣歌唱比赛》Finalist – 2016