Approval Form A

For Music Box In-House Exclusive Talents Applying for External Wedding Gigs

Your Approval Result will be notified by email. No Whatsapp/ Verbal/ SMS/ Phonecall or any other form of communication channels will be entertained for this Approval.

You are allowed to apply for a maximum of 12 External Wedding Gigs Per Calender Year.
An Approval from Music Box will be considered as 1 Gig no matter if your gig is cancelled later due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Keep In Mind that:

1) During the external wedding gig itself, no Social Media Public Live Stream of any form showing the In-House Exclusive Talents in the performance is allowed.

2 No Photos, Videos, Hashtags or any form of label or hints of the In-House Exclusive Talents performing for this Wedding Gig on Social Media or Website is allowed.

3) If there are guests from these Weddings who requested for the In-House Exclusive Talents again for another wedding, the In-House Exclusive Talents must refer them to Music Box and NOT to the friend or external band.

4) It is the responsibility of the In-House Exclusive Talents to inform of the above restrictions and it will not be an excuse that any of these rules are broken due to negligence of the friend or external band party.