Musicbox Wedding Emcee Services!

Year 2010 till 2011 are peak periods for wedding gigs.

From our inquiries received, we found out that many couples wanted Simple Emcee Services to tag along with our Wedding Live Band packages.

Thus, as an additional service to complement our Wedding Live Band packages, we introduce to you our very own Music Box Wedding Emcee Service.

Spare your friends or love ones the obligation to emcee your wedding! Let them enjoy your banquet with ease and let us do the job!

Whether you require Single or Duo, Bilingual or Monolingual, Simple or Interactive style, we provide a variety of emcee solutions for your needs, with one of the most affordable rates you can find in Singapore.


Single Emcee

1x Male/ Female
Bilingual (English & Mandarin)
Simple & No Frills, great if you just want an emcee to tag along with the band package. Some of our Band Members can double as emcee too if you are engaging them for Band.

Duo Emcee

1x Male + 1x Female OR 2x Female
Bilingual (English & Mandarin)
Having two emcees on stage livens up the atmosphere instantly! Moreover, you get value-added features like audience games with prizes, couple sabotage, etc, which can be discussed and added.

To find out more, contact us!

Sample Videos:

Single Emcee Video
Duo Emcee Video

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