Support Xinying as Radio 1003 DJ!

If you are a fan of Radio 1003, you might have heard her voice on-air on certain weekday nights.

If you have not, tune in from every Monday to Thursday, 8pm to 10pm for her program segment, 轻盈乐游 to support her now!

Yes, our very own Band’s Lead Female Vocalist, who has brought you great vocal numbers on your wedding day with her sweety pie and girl-next-door image, is now officially a DJ on Radio 1003!

Xinying has always been a bubbly and cheerful lady, and you will never missed these factors of hers on-air. Be it, if you are in a bad mood, or a very down day, I am very sure, her segment will cheer you up and brighten your day!

And wait! Support her also on her on Facebook at her Radio 1003 DJ Fanpage! Remember to click the “Like” button!

Thank you and lets congrates Xinying again for her DJ Career with a Starry Bright Future Ahead! ^^

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